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  • Caterina

    I had the second stage of varicose veins. Vienna were very visible on the skin. The inflammation and the pain gnawed at constantly. The daughter I bought the gel variuseven though I had not expected. Used the tool for a long time, probably about a year. But my case was very running. The first thing that I noticed — the skin has become normal. Then, little by little, they disappeared the pain and the inflammation. Less visible are varicose veins in the buds. That is the true magic.

  • Vincenzo

    I have varicose veins. And it manifests itself not only in the legs. When I began the seizure, I assumed that I have wrong with the heart. Has passed a comprehensive examination, but heart disease have not been discovered, and was diagnosed with varicose veins. I bought the gel varius on the recommendation of your family doctor. Already after the first use noticed results: the pain has gone and ceased the seizures.

  • Giuseppina

    Varicose veins bothered me for almost 12 years. Tried I have a lot of any kind of tools, ointments, creams, pills. But the best drug, I think gel Varius. He is very nice refreshes the skin, quickly removes the inflammation, dissolves well, has a pleasant smell. After use, no irritation, and itching of the skin, as it was after the application of other means. I realize that the inflammation and swelling disappears.

  • Maria

    Buy varius I said a friend. She even special for me, sent the tool of moscow, because in my city was not on sale. You have applied the gel, I am close to a month. The medication, I really liked it. Quickly relieves fatigue and pain in legs, swelling. After months of application of vienna are virtually invisible on the skin. Now apply the medication as for prophylactic purposes.

  • Giovanna

    After the birth of a child has problems with the veins. Nothing really didn't help. The legs at the end of the day just to cover venous the hill. Have been to the doctor, who advised me to buy varius. Gel against varicose veins, I used two times a day. The first result I noticed within a few days. Gone the pain and have gone the swelling. Veins of steel almost normal appearance. I am very happy, I will continue the treatment.

Customers Varius