Stockings during pregnancy: can use

Before they were invented, stockings, women, including pregnant women, were without them. Modern feshn-the industry, the beauty care and the comfort of the woman, offers a special service of style of clothing, including stockings during pregnancy. And if it is needed, and that they differ from products?

Can you wear socks during pregnancy?

stockings during pregnancy

Can you wear socks during pregnancy – question limit with the lies, as the average during pregnancy is also necessary, as in the rest of the time. It is not only the clothes, but also an accessory that complements the clothes and the footwear. Transparent product, make legs more beautiful, more thin, and this is very important for a good mood pregnant. Warm, they offer the warmth and comfort, which is no less important.

Economic choice of the average during normal pregnancy, with drop waist and soft elastic. "Under belly". Special more expensive, they contain a box, able to "grow" along with the increase of the uterus. Perform inserts of soft hygroscopic materials, usually cotton or velvet, which are able to guarantee the heat transfer and microcirculation. In "winter" extra products are isolated tiptoes and heels.

The second type of products – compression, for the prevention of varicose veins. Selection of them, you do not have to be guided by the advice of people incompetent, it is best to seek the advice of your doctor or flebologa, which, if necessary, will appoint the survey.

Some women feel in compression stockings and used in place of the stockings during the pregnancy. They come in a variety of models:

  • traditional;
  • with carrying strap and velcro closure;
  • open socks (the heels);
  • with the silicone bellows and the trim of the top.

What are the average use during the pregnancy?

Stockings during pregnancy as at any other time you need to protect against the cold, a feeling of warmth and comfort for the health of the legs. If you have problems with the vessels of the lower extremities in need of socks. Is the so-called compression stockings, which are for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins.

What features and what average should be used during pregnancy? In the early stages, just buy the socks, only in larger size. Later, you will need special product, and in the last quarter, possibly, prevention of compression.

  • Stockings during pregnancy should gently support the growing belly. Therefore, the front part is applied to elastic, more dense, but it pulls the material.
  • It uses a cutting insert, by the increase of the abdomen, and ivet.
  • Quality tights have flat seams, or not have it at all. Bulky joints of the source of discomfort.
  • In the cold season you should wear socks of wool or cotton.
  • It is desirable to verify the information on the label of the manufacturer, the composition and the quality of the materials.

In the rest of this type of clothing to choose, as in the normal case. For the season spring-summer, closer to fine, for the cold of the pore – dense. The finest – 15-Denki, the maximum dense – 200 den. Nylon product is not stretched, but the model with the addition of lycra or polyamide to provide sufficient elasticity.

How to use socks during pregnancy?

This woman does not put on the hose just as with anything. It is an accessory that complements the entire set of clothes and shoes, so it must be in harmony for the color, texture, and other.

How to use socks during the pregnancy, depends on the fashion trends and your own preferences. The women wear stockings during pregnancy under dresses, trousers and shorts of different lengths (capri, baggy trousers). Stockings with drawings, glossy or matte, flesh-colored, black, or color – everything was perfect, just so that the mom-to-be felt an environment elegant and attractive.

But what you can't forget in this period – the comfort and the security. This applies particularly to the cold season. At this point you need the stockings during pregnancy dense of the bill, with a large part of the natural thread in the composition. These products are made and under wool dresses, and under trousers.

The appropriate choice of stockings put on in the morning, when swelling is minimal. You can pre-lie down with lifted up with the feet. To avoid damage to the remove the jewelry and try to nail file the nails. You can even wear delicate gloves.

Then you must grab the side of the heels of the averages of within-and-paste the foot in the foot. The upper part of the product with care, spread across the leg and the thigh, the alignment of wrinkles and folds. Then, put on and straighten the top of the stockings. If not strip and not terc, all the pieces well, "sitting" in the product, the pantyhose used correctly.

Compression stockings during pregnancy

It is not a secret that in the period of the gestation of a child's likelihood of varicose veins increases considerably, and if in the history it has observed this problem is more acute, especially in the second and subsequent pregnancies. Promotes hormonal restructuring, negatively affects the veins.

In such a case, you should visit your doctor who will surely advise you to wear compression stockings during pregnancy. Is the elastic of the clothes in addition to a framework for the veins, evenly distributed pressure in the directions, so that the venous reflux is improving the mother-to-be feels so desired by the lightness in the feet. This prevents unwanted varicose veins.


Clothes for pregnant women sold on the internet, specialty stores and departments. Selecting antivarikozny average, to be guided by at least three criteria: the quality, the practicality, the naturalness. Taking into account that is not thrown away, you should choose a suitable size of the individual standards. Keep the following in mind:

  • The compression socks should not have seams.
  • Material safety reaffirms the character of the RAL.
  • A good option – knit jersey material-braided cotton.
  • It is desirable to buy two pairs instead of.
  • Expensive is not the best; the priority of the comfort of the clothing, regardless of cost.

Produce compression of the product 4 classes; the first serves for the prevention, the rest are used for therapeutic purposes, that are medically necessary. The density is measured in millimeters of mercury.

For example, the first class is prescribed for women belonging to risk groups, the second during the pain and swelling, the third in chronic diseases type of thrombophlebitis. Complete information on these indicators, which is marked on the package, and confirms the quality and originality of the product. The price is a few dollars to 100 dollars.

Slimming stockings during pregnancy

In the beginning of pregnancy, women spend conventional socks. When in them is uncomfortable, they move on to products with less of waist, in which the rubber is below the belly, or meshes of larger size. Special stockings are recommended after five months of age term.

Slimming socks during the pregnancy, even once in a while you carry undesirable. Violate the normal blood circulation from the lower limbs and of the pelvic organs, which negatively affects the internal organs and the fruit. He is not getting enough blood and therefore oxygen, leading to hypoxia. Continuous use of these stockings slows down the development and the fetus and the uterus.

Even non-pregnant and healthy with the women it is not recommended to use this garment more than 6 – 8 hours in a row. Contraindications – high blood pressure, angina, varicose veins, arrhythmia, the worsening of the disease, female, neoplasms of different nature. Measures of correction of the average you need to the woman after a happy journey of the child's birth.

Nylon stockings during pregnancy

The modern masters of the affairs of their capacity from long ago have learned to cater to pregnant women. In the assortment of products of different varieties, including nylon stockings during pregnancy. However, they are useful if those socks during the pregnancy, if they are made of synthetic materials?

Synthetic fabrics are beautiful and elegant, but the disadvantage is that these media do not let the air and the heat, the skin sweats and heats in excess, is exposed, in particular, to the action of pathogens in the intestinal flora. More of a common problem that occurs in such cases, it is the yeast infection.

But it is not the only complication that arises from carrying the nylon. In the cold time of these products contribute to hypothermia and cause cystitis. Pain and burning sensation during urination evident symptoms of inflammation, require a visit to a urologist.

Finally, the product of kapron may not help women, prone to the veins varicosasy. If your care is the prevention, has been formed, the extension of venous vessels can return to pursue the woman the rest of your life. And compounded when ordinary pregnancy.

The alternative – specialty products, equipped with double and slimming effects. Reduce the negative effects of hormonal changes, the growing volume and the mass of the mother and the fetus. Its highest price, in comparison with the conventional, it is not nothing, since it is the preservation of health, that it is necessary to take care of our youth.

Stockings for varicose veins in pregnancy

What are the stockings for varicose veins during pregnancy? If you respond briefly, and then for the prevention of varicose veins. The physiological changes in the body pregnant women contribute to the pressure in the vein, preventing the reflux of the venous blood. As a result, there are formed by the dilation of the vessels leading to varicose disease.

The compression stockings during the pregnancy very well with the prevention of the problem. When mounting the blood is distributed, the grip of the deepest vessels of the improvement of microcirculation, the nutrition of the skin and the subcutaneous tissue. The power of oppression decreases towards the base, "pushing" the flow of blood to the heart.

Medical clothing should be placed in the morning, still in bed, and not to shoot all day. To prevent allergies you should wash the soap. After washing mediass retain the shape and the quality, if its dry it on a horizontal plane. Some models don't look as bad looking as I would like, but if you want, you can find and beautiful products. More that the priority in this case, no doubt, by the comfort and the practicality.


Model of products against varicose veins for pregnant women provide comfort thanks to its special design in the area of the abdomen and manufacturing technology. In particular, some manufacturers apply the active ions of silver, which eliminates odor and protects it from microorganisms. In ukraine they sell products of domestic manufacture, as well as manufactured in latvia, germany, italy, poland, the united states.

Stockings during pregnancy is an integral part of the piece of garment. Are necessary and important, and, like everything else, must adjust to the new circumstances, fully support the comfort and the good mood of the future mother. In the market of accessories for women, just with these models. The choice is yours, dear mom.